Dr. Martina Reutzel, M.Sc.

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Dr. Martina Reutzel (neé Heinrich) holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in chemistry. For her Ph.D. she is currently doing research on olive polyphenols for the prevention of dementia in frame of the BMBF-KMU project NeurOliv. Moreover, she is doing research on the cognitive effects of human milk oligosaccharides in close cooperation with Dr. Clemens Kunz, human nutrition, Universitiy of Gießen. For her Ph.D. she uses Real-time PCR (RT-PCR) in order to investigate the molecular changes in neuronal cell and mouse models during aging.

Methods:   qRT-PCR, behaviour tests, determination of mitochondrial function ex vivo, Western Blot



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Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2018:4070935. [
open access] (IF 4.868)

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Ostermann AI, Reutzel M, Hartung N, Franke N,  Kutzner L, Schoenfeld K, Weylandt KH, Eckert GP, Schebb NH.
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Hagl S, Heinrich M, Kocher A, Schiborrb C, Frank J, Eckert GP
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J Prev Alz Dis (JPAD). 2014, 1(2):80-83 
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Presentations at conferences:

"Longitudinale Verfolgung mitochondrialer Parameter und kognitiver Funktionen in alternden NMRI-Mäusen [Longitudinal assessement mitochondrial parameters and cognitive functions in aging NMRI-mice ]. Healthy Aging Conference, March 16, 2017, Fulda, Germany.

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