Synaptic dysfunciton is assessed using the following methods:

Methods Mevalonate
  • Isolation and purification of synaptosomal plasma-membranes and cytosolic fractions from mouse brains
  • Isolation and purification of lipid rafts (detergent and detergent free)
  • Isolation of plasmamembranes and cytosolic fractions from cells
  • WesternBlot analysis of 
    - small GTPases (Rac1, Cdc42, RhoA, Rab3A, Rab11B, H- Ras) in cytosolic and membrane fractions
    - synaptic markers (GAP43, synaptophysin)
    - enzymes of the mevalonate pathway (HMGR, FDPS)
    - transferases (GGTaseI, FTase)
    - GEF-proteins
  • Determination of GGTase activity
  • HPLC-FD analysis of isoprenoids (FPP, GGPP)
  • Cholesterol assays
  • High-performace thin layer chromatography for phospholipids

    more methods are available due to our manifold cooperations.
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