Poster award for Carmina Silaidos

Carmian prize

Fulda, March 17, 2017. In frame of the first „Healthy Aging Conference“ one of two prizes were awarded to Carmina Silaidos, who presented her poster entitled "Geschlechts-und Altersspezifische Unterschiede der mitochondrialen Funktion in peripheren mononukleären Blutzellen (PBMC) und im Gehirn“ [Gender and aged specific differences of mitochondrial function in peripheral mononuclear blood cells (PBMC) and in the brain]. Carmina presented her work showing for the first time gender differences in engery metablites in both peripheral blood cells and the brain. The poster was based on a joint research project bringing together partners at the clincs of Goethe-Universitly of Frankfurt and its brain imaging center. 

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